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Bradshaw Pistol Academy
1218 F.M. 1086
Winters, Texas 79567
Phone: 325-767-2063
or 325-721-7596

Range Rules and Suggestions
The 4 rules of firearms safety ALWAYS apply here, for walk-ins as well as members:

  1. ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded. Treat them as such.
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be SURE of your target and what is beyond.

Eye protection and ear protection use is required at all times...even if you are just a spectator.

Do not use tables, range signs, range cones or other range equipment as target holders or target stands, even if they look to be old and worn out or have holes shot in them already. The parties who shot those holes in them have been ejected from here never to return. Flagrant disregard of these rules may result in expulsion.

Keep the range as clean as you can. Do not leave bottles, cans, boxes, paper or other trash on them. There is a trash barrel. Help us ALL out please. Please police your empty brass when feasible. The bowling pins on the pistol range are free for you to shoot, but pick them back up and put them back into the pile when you are finished. The steel targets are rifle capable, but be back as far as the sun covers when shooting them with rifles.

If the horses, donkeys and/or mules walk up into your line of fire, or up behind the berm on the pistol range, please cease fire and run them off. Throw rocks at them, not bullets. They are friendly beasts and love peppermint candy. Feed them all you want, but do not let them crowd around you. You are no match for a 1000 pound horse and they can hurt you in a hurry, and not mean anything bad by it. To them you are just another horse, only smaller. If you need rid of them, just raise your hands high and shout at them. That is how a mountain lion attacks and they understand that.

If you are a BPA Member, you will have the code to the electric gate opener. Please close it behind you after entering or leaving, as we have livestock on the property. If another member is here when you arrive, please get acquainted with each other and be courteous with each other at the ranges. If a member brings a non-family member guest, please pay the day fee of $6 by dropping it into the mailbox and leaving a note on the board, or just calling the Director when you can and making arrangements. If there is a problem with any other member, or staff, please inform the Director as soon as you can so that it can be dealt with.

There are two rifle ranges that intersect one another...the 150 yard range, and the 365 yard range. Parties can shoot on these ranges simultaneously providing communication with each other is possible. There is a dry erase board right of the classroom door and a marker clipped to the mail box. If you are going to the 365 yard rifle range, and nobody else is here to advise members who might come in while you are down there, please write on the board that you are at the 365 yard range and who you are. When the Director or other staff is present, you can request, and we will provide two way radios so that each party has the ability to call a cease fire and make the ranges safe so that targets may be attended to. If you have your own FRS/GMRS radios, and wish to use them, that is fine. At BPA we operate on FRS Frequency 12 with no subchannel selected. Feel free to call for us if staff is present and you are in need of something.

Members should put together a range box. Suggested items for a range box are: Eye protection, ear protection, whatever targets you want or need, staple gun, extra staples, first aid kit, sun block, masking tape or target pasters, gun cleaning kit, and whatever range goodies you may require or want. The Coke machine takes both dollar bills and coins and we try to keep it well stocked. If we are out of something that you want, please tell us.

This sounds like a lot of stuff to think about, but really it is pretty easy. Be careful, respect each other, and above all, HAVE FUN!

BPA Staff:

Michael J. Herd
Director of Operations

Duane Hufstedler AKA Huftari
Senior Rangemaster

J.D. Klingenberg
Senior Instructor

John Ding

Kevin Herbert

Joaquin Alzaga
Contacto en español

Wes Doss
Guest Instructor
See Biography At:

Gabe Suarez
Guest Instructor

Bill Jeans
Guest Instructor


Gary Hicks
BPA Bladesmith

Bradshaw Bowie Knife made by Gary Hicks

GPS coordinates of BPA

N 32"05.955"
W 099"56.459"